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, and we are your appointees and we want to thank you for having us here. we will begin by expressing our appreciation to all of those who help us in our work on behalf of the over 15,000 english language learners in our district, and we did provide you with some written data which i will be loosely following in my beginning here. we're very grateful to our english language students and our representatives who continue to attend our bcc meetings and they voice their concerns to us and we're able to bring these issues forward, and to garner attention to them, and to make remedies. we're thankful for our translators who attend every meeting that we have, both spanish and can tonenies and some of the things that we were able to -- [inaudible] strict and with the help of our -- kristina wong and jennifer fong, the two people we work most closely with. we have a english learner program guide and we didn't have this before and it's also translated into english -- into spanish and conton easy and serves as a guide to our english learner family who is find coming to epc and to the district ver
hours of our time asking people to comply. the restaurant would be for us, a nuisance that we don't want to have to deal with yet another one. my question is why can't it be either remain a residential space or can it be a commercial space other than a restaurant? i understand that people are trying to make money and go into business, and those are my comments. thank you. >> hello commissioners. thank you for your time tonight and for staying so late. i wish the restaurant was open, so i could go eat right now. my name is terry besswick and i spoke to you a couple of weeks ago. i won't give you the history of the castro country club and i think we heard unanimous support from the commission and the witnesses. i live upstairs from the castro country club for five and a half years and my bedroom is actually bordering the back patio that has been talked about a little bit. i think there was a lot of confusion at the last meeting regarding the back patio. we discussed no ambientneys, noise from the activity itself and no smell from the restaurant as well. we support our landlord. our land
the commendation. might i request on behalf of the board if the authors allow us add our names to your resolution. thank you. oh yes commissioner wynns. >> thank you. sorry i can't be there tonight, but national school board association meeting in washington, but i wanted to jump up when you said everybody has been involved in peer resources because i am proud to have been an active supporter of peer resources for more than 20 years and i am just really thrilled that this happened and we have been able to recently really show our support for peer resources at a time of transition when it's needed. i am committed myself as others connected to the program to be a supporter of whatever needed. thank you. >> thank you. roll call please. >> thank you. ms. wong. >> yes. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> ms. maufas. >> yes. >> ms. mendoza. >> aye. >> ms. murase. >> aye. >> president norton. yes. >> seven aye's. >> commissioners, if you will do the honors with the certificates. thank you. >> all right. the next item we have recognition of mentoring for success. mr. superintendent. >>
gypsy cabs, not because they're using an app. somehow they're innovative entrepreneurs. so, you guys have to do something about this or forget about making any money. you ruined the lives of a lot of drivers already. come on, do something. you know, hire some investigators out there. do your job. >> thank you. anyone else care to address the board under the public comment? okay, seeing none public comment period is closed. director brinkman. >> could we please, director reiskin, get some kind of update on where we stand with not only hiring -- budgeting to hire new inspector to taxi administrative services, but also just where we stand on what we can do about lift inside car and car to go? i did read the new puc rulings. i have to admit i'm a little lost as to where that leaves us and what our options are now. i think it would be really helpful to get an update on that. i know it concerns -- it concerns all of us as city people and taxi riders. >> especially the insurance part. >> especially the insurance part. it worries me to have people getting into these cars with people the
for the program,. [applause] >> so we're really happy that you're giving us time to talk about mentoring for success, quite a movement that is happening right now in mentoring and we appreciate the recognition of national mentoring month. we did give you materials to keep to the time limit and it does have some snapshot of some information with pretty pictures and graphs and stuff so you should check it out, and just so we're all on the same page. the formal definition of mentoring is a structured and purposeful relationship between a caring adult and a young person so that's what we're talking about here and we know one thing is if students don't feel connected it's harder for them to succeed and we know that caring adults build assets for our youth. you simply can't succeed if you're not connected. it's human nature. that's why mentoring for success is fostering those relationships in our district. no two relationships look the same so we have a couple of mentors here and a student that will share about their experience in a bit so yeah. >> under the umbrella of student community s
we're going to recognize the members of this year, and we have a number of these folks with us tonight with us. ms. guzman. [applause] jeff ang. [applause] and i want to let you know that our group is wom comprised of parents and student and staff and one of the cochairs this year angelina wae. [applause] the student members have been very integral of bringing the work that we do and we're appreciative of that as well. jennifer vega. is she here tonight? abigail [inaudible], another student and victor tam. not here tonight unfortunately, and another student rain delasic. [applause] >> thank you. michael rhymer. dr. michael rhymer. bill capinhagen. [applause] >> mary ju. mary ju is our other co-chair this year providing effective leadership. brian fox. [applause] thank you and we also have the pleasure of two members of the board of education, former members, one of which is mr. matthew haney. [applause] and the other is student delegate windy ly who is not here tonight but windy was one of the members last year. we also want to give a shout out to four people that were o
would like to bring to everyone's attention that this year is also a very important year for us in san francisco unified school district. as our early education department is celebrating its 70th anniversary. and this is incredible on a number of fronts, where we see school districts across the country that are doing away with the early childhood programs in san francisco, we have continued to invest and we see it in early in the childhood program. if you think back we are in the throws of world war ii and parents were off to factories to fight in the war and this community made a commitment to the youngest citizens that they would be safe while everyone threw themselves into the war effort. we have evolved into one of the finest education programs not only in california but in the nations. i would like to congratulate, everyone administrators and everyone that has been involved in the 70 years of the unified san francisco school district. congratulations [ applause ] . >> and lastly, i would also like to on behalf of all of the students in the community in san francisco, extend my hea
does not work and help us plan what credit recovery options will be able in this coming summer. we want to make sure that the credit recovery is not only accessible to all students but effective as well. i think that it is important that the students take advantage of this opportunity of credit recovery programs and be able to graduate. we encourage that the sfusd have the more robust evaluation and success rates of the program from this semester and hopefully include the student feedback in the evaluation. every student at all high schools should have the same credit recovery options and increase the assistance to help them graduate. thank you for your time. >> hi, my name is paer and i am a senior at george washington high school and also a member on the youth commission, i would like to thank the board of education for your time and work in highlighting how to best support students here in san francisco. i'm speaking on behalf of this item as i think that it is important because it will help the credit recovery program become more efficient and it will help to see whether the pr
. but it's especially heartwarming to us to be able to collaborate and to bring housing and services together and the collaboration between mercy housing and st. anthony's. we would like to thank banc of america, who was our capital partner in the new markets program and again, we're simply thrilled to be part of this. it speaks perfectly to the vision that many of us share for how to move families and communities forward. i have to say that i for one, if this is what the groundbreaking is like, i am incredibly excited to go to the grand opening celebration. thank you all. [ applause ] >> thank you, nancy. i would like to make sure that we thank the staff of st. anthony's, who is here in force today. raise your hands and thank them. [ applause ] a couple of other grantors to st. anthony's, thanking jack fitzpatrick, who is here. stephanie and the koretfolks that have already been mentioned. we're actually going to do a groundbreaking. so i would ask those involved on that, that is everybody on the stage pretty much to start moving into the pit. so if you can stand up and start mov
you will be the facilities use agreement that accompanies each of those offer us and will be able to review and ratify those agreements sometime after may 1 whtd process is finished. >> i have one speaker card on this item. i'm not sure if she is still here. hillary harmsome. thank you. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. good evening president norton, superintendent and commissioners and district staff. i am hillary harmsome. good pronunciation. i am with the charter school association and behalf to speak for the member schools and our concern about the proposed increase. as a professional organization for charterer public schools our role is help charters navigate their unique challenges. two challenges that come up again and again they receive less money than traditional schools and limited access to affordable quality facilities. they're public school students and observe equitable access to facilities and they're required to provide the facilities equal to other schools. historical sfusd has offered fair rates on to schools with facilities and allowing them t
does it tell us about the programs for the el's and looking at the pathways. we have emersion. we have some of the other programs. what does it tell us about our el's and their achievement? >> so that was some of the questions that we did ask at the -- when information was given to the pac and again we were -- the conversation was very interesting because we were told that christina wong was great about showing all of the information, but in terms of gleaning any real information or what we could really see from the nmpgdz it seemed if the district was a little hesitant but we're hoping when we see the results of fifth grade we will continue to see if what the trajectories for these pathways particularly for this and you have a copy of the report and i am specifically referring to frames 21 and 23, and these are just snapshots of how we're doing, and just as we can see with snapshots when we're closing the achievement gap we can look at them again like i said unfringingly and what is the data showing us and what can we look at and if we're looking at the data like a layperson it
data would be used to determine if there are enhancements needed to support students in school or what supplemental or methods are necessary. i also want to call everyone's attention this is mendoza and we have joining our president and celebrating january as national mentoring month and yes let's have a round of applause. [applause] this even we will honor two of our organizations, peer resources that will be transitioning to the san francisco unified school district and the mentor program in our department. both of the departments use the school based social workers and mentors to pair them and come from the community and our current staff at sfusd. we hope you consider serving as a mentor and supporting a program like this and last but not least to our mighty san francisco 49ers we want to join -- [applause] we want to -- >> superintendent. >> there we go. there we go. >> we have some faithful in the house. we want to join our mighty san francisco 49ers and our great city wishing our football players great success as in your quft for number six and we are proud of you and what
that all of you will encourage any parents who you feel would be good candidates to apply and contact us to apply and join for the pac. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right, we are now on item f, public comment on consent items. i have three speaker cards. willie ratcliff, robert woods and oscar james. you have two minutes each. please approach the mic. >> my name is willie radcliff and i am the general manager who works with developers. and my comment is that that is a no beard contract that is trying to go through here. it has to be bided under the design built and it specifically states that there must be a bid, an original bid. this is not an rfp put out just checked all of the records. and this is completely fraudulent to move in that direction is to say that you can just do a request for qualifications and just skip the bid. some of those outfits could have bided lower. although, you are breaking the law in trying to do this and the community is really upset not just in this point but the same thing happened out here in western addition that we are not benefiting from an
with the public library and visitation valley which is down the hill from us at burton hill and east 81st avenue in oakland where we built a good relationship and just one quick story, a story out of east 81st avenue branch in oakland to give you a sense why radio can help with building brings so we a little girl that came with her family and they were talking about food and she talked about how she loved to cook. she talked about her first experience cooking an egg. they asked what is your dream? what would you like to do? "well, i would like to be a chef and a pharmacists" so on the nightly program we have a community story telling project and 10 year old in oakland. she tells the story and her voice. we get a phone call from a dean at ussf and i am a pharmacist and a enthusiastic chef and i would like to meet the girl in the story. she went there and was shown around and they made a connection that is independent of kalw. i hope that's what we can be part of. they're small things but i think they're really powerful. i also have that sense for me i am excited about the developments at ka
provider of early education in san francisco, and so congratulations to all, and again could you tell us the dates of the celebrations so the public maybe available to participate. >> yes. the dinner is february 8 at 6:30 p.m. and the saturday event for the families is the next day, february 9. they like to get it done. >> and the location of the february 9. >> the ninth is at 20 cook street. >> from 10 to three. >> from 10 to three. >> well, i just want to congratulate you on all your good work thus far and it sounds like the celebrations, the twin celebrations are going to be a great way of celebrating the department. particularly i love that you're including the families in the celebration. i think that is wonderful. thank you. much deserved and here is to 70 more years. oh yes did you have more comments? >> yes, i wanted to thank ms. bryant for your hard work. there have been a lot of changes in the early education department. i know it's been a heavy left and thank your staff and recognize the classroom teachers in the program. i remember when my kids were that age it's a h
could probably use two week's notice >> when is your deadline to the mayor? >> i don't have it on top of my head. >> february 21st. >> february 21st, for all departments. >> i think that this is calendared for next week. >> it is a budget issue. >> i found that earlier today. >> is it? okay. >> hold for next week. >> good. >> one thing that i need to add before at the graduation was a diverse class and one of the most inspiration moments and the young man was pinned with a badge and his grandmother was in a wheelchair and spoke extremely limited english and she said god bless san francisco and god bless america. and he acknowledged that. >> their son obviously member of our arab american community and so it was really special. >> cool. >> all right. so call all of those lines and now it is time for public comment, regarding 4, a, b, c, d. >> ray hartzes, director of open government. i am sorry for the officers who gave the presentation on the weapons and the so forth are gone, i think that they did an excellent job. however, i would like to point out to this commission, that none of t
to that immediately because they are our eyes and ears out in the frunt so we're appreciate that. i'm going to ask us to work even closer together because you know the work in front us is so monumental that we can't let the status quo to pull us away from where we go and for the commissioners we had a preliminary review of the data that was referenced here. we will do a more comprehensive report on the data and we will make sure it's clean and we will have a public discussion with what the data says and again thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i wanted to thank you again on behalf of the board and all the great questions that you ask so there you go. the superintendent said they might pretend they complain about you in private but they're grateful for the work that you do thank you. >> we really appreciate the fact that we're working more closely and as we did say we are really short and representatives in the bcc. unfortunately of the five meetings we had we had quorum for three so that really impacts the work that we do so we want to reiterate if you can please make sure to communicate with y
there is no other system doing what the bcc is doing and that is testament to the work they have done with us in a transparent manner so thank you for asking the hard questions. i think the bcc made a good point about the data and the data reflected in the pathway reflects the data gap in the school system and i'm going to be a broken record. the achievement gap, the opportunity gap persists whether it's english language arts, whether it's math and it's especially persists with students with disabilities so while we're very proud of the work that we have done and appreciate what the bcc said we have a lot of work to do still to close the achievement gap because it persists in every aspect of our educational system and you beautifully captured the work of the district and what we're committed to going forward. i'm going to publicly ask the bcc to work in the transparent manner they have worked with staff going forward. i think you have heard examples from the community perspective identifies holes in our communications structures, in our families or our systems of envelope sharing and that i
to go some what conservative here because i might end up with a us history class with 8 kids in it and then i have to parcel that out and so this is anticipating next year, i am not saying that we have them under filled this year, but being conservative for next year, does that make sense? >> yes. >> it is just like at my school was just the biggest school there are so many students in one classroom and over 30 and teachers always complain tla are so many students, why can't we redistribute the students? >> why can't you redistribute students? >> they are just saying... >> like we don't need that many teachers, then why can't we just put the students in their classroom and have the teachers teach them? >> and then, you know, i would have to put my mission perspective on it. assuming that is passed. and so, but i do know that the number of sophomores going to junior classes, for instance, it does not always, you know, even as the way that you want it to, you will get the classes with like 8 students in them. so you can redistribute them and you have a choice. you can go above
vote for it, and when you do pass the part about the stipends please direct people to come talk to us about what it should be. thank you. >> somewhat mr. kelly that seems like a phrase you might have written at some point, doesn't it? all right. thank you. next we have item g, the consent calendar. may i hear a motion please. >> i move that we adopt the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you. are there any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? . none tonight. any items removed for first reading by the board? none tonight. any items severed by the board and superintendent for discussion tonight? yes vice mayor. >> yes president norton and i would like to severe 3j, 3k, and 3l. >> 3j, 3k -- >> under buildings grounds and resolutions. >> hold on. let me find my pen. >> [inaudible] >> oh i'm sorry. so let me repeat that commissioner wynns. i would like to suf ver3j, 3k and 3l. okay thank you. >> so i'm sorry. that was 3j, 3k. >> and 3l. >> okay. all right. role call will take place under item o superintendent proposal, the approval of a plan for the 2013-2
through in the last few days, there is a chart that wasn't with us today that -- there was a memo that we got from l. wine rob saying we take issue with these three numbers. my question back to him was, what are your three numbers that go with that? his answer was, i don't know. * we need to focus on what those numbers are, that if we agree on numbers, let's check them off and say, okay, that one is done. if there are numbers we don't agree on, it is a quantitative exercise. you can get there. even if you don't like each other. this is fine, folk. it works. so, i would just encourage that we focus on the objective. we get the concept. there is the old marketing thing about you bought the concept, now you have to buy the jeans. we're into buying the jeans phase. we got the concept. we need to be focused on objective analysis here and i think we can do that. and i think we'll all be better off if that was the focus. >> just one last thing. i just wanted to also say that as part of the survey, we are going to ask the question about local build out. are you willing to pay more for local build
mr. armchair here that answered the questions for us and i believe all the questions were answered in detail here. this was the follow up to the meeting, the commissioner -- the committee of the whole. >> i believe there were questions posed at that meeting and adequately answered in this memo. >> yes commissioner wynns. >> i'm not certain if this is the time to ask this question. i mean it is related to the question asked at the last meeting and the memo, and that's -- and i don't have them here, but the developments that occurred today. i got a text message or email from deputy superintendent lee. is that in there? we had talked about -- i had talked to the deputy superintendent about including something in the spending plan or in its cover letter or something that would be clear about the -- that we intended to -- a plan that would include spending of the money, the entire amount with the trigger not pulled so i appreciate we've gotten now a memo that says here a process we're going to use, but i don't know, and maybe you have it and i don't because i'm not there, something
a terrific job. >> thank you, commissioner mendoza, i think that you speak for all of us. roll, call, please? >> thank you. >> ly. >> yes. >> wong? >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufus. >> yes. >> mendoza >> yes. >> murase. >> yes. >> and norton. >> seven ayes. >> great. item m, discussion of other educational issues there are none tonight it them one, consent calendar removed from the previous meeting and there are none tonight, item 0, vote on the consent calendar, roll call please. >> thank you. >> miss ly. >> yes. >> miss wong? >> yes. >> miss fewer in >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufus. >> yes abstain on k7. >> thank you. >> miss mendoza. >> yes, except on items 3 and 7. k3 and k7 because they are. >> and nay on 3 and 7. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> miss wynns? >> aye. >> and miss norton. >> yes, >> thank you, everything is adopted. >> item p, consent calendar resolutions severed for board decision and immediate action. we had one tonight, item f10. >> miss wynns. >> he was asking me if i aid problem with this and why i wanted to pull it. i just wanted to note th
educators and you can call us and we will give you the address of where to send your donations. we look forward to saying you next wednesday at saint mary's cathedral. [ applause ] >> school is still in session. mrs. virginia marshal. to the board members, proper protocol has been established, thank you, thank you, and thank you thank you thank you for being so supportive of the san francisco alliance of black school educators my name is brenda jackson and i am the chair person of the musical and this year we added on step contests. i was told that i was only given two minutes i will yield, i will yield the floor to mr. matthew garrett, who will come up and present his original poem to the board of education. and if you on february 23rd at thurgood marshal high school from grades k-12, please come out and support us. matthew? >> matthew one second. >> miss wilson i would like to give the student of not having a time limit, so if we can make sure that the timer does not interrupt him. >> my name is matthew garrett and i would like to say thank you for the board of education for letting
come out and support us. matthew? >> matthew one second. >> miss wilson i would like to give the student of not having a time limit, so if we can make sure that the timer does not interrupt him. >> my name is matthew garrett and i would like to say thank you for the board of education for letting me speak. my poem. my school is kip bay view academy. and the bay view district. and very glad to attend there. this is my poem. i am different. can you see me? can you hear me? do you know me? yes, i'm smart. a bright kid, they say. yes, i get good grades. yes, i dress well. yes, i am well mannered. but i am different. i'm different from what you see, i'm different from what you believe. oh, i know sometimes i can't sit still. i know sometimes i'm a little loud. i know sometimes i lose my temper, i know sometimes i forget to comb my hair or iron my clothes, but i am different. i am different from what you see, i am different from what you believe. no i may not be the best basketball player. so please, i do my best. i love sports, playing games on the wii. i like to read. i have a g
, wake up. what is wrong with this picture? you give us two minutes to speak, and it is like, yeah you can speak for two minutes, but what happened? two minutes, that is it. what about the issues? >> what about the pain? what about the suffering freaked out and... >> there goes that bell again, is that me? my time is up again? two minutes? what is wrong with this picture. come on you guys, do something. thank you. >> okay. we are moving on now to item k, advisory committee reports and appointments. >> i am sorry, i explained at the beginning of the meeting that we will accept speaker cards before an item is called. and now we are now moving on to our next item in the meeting. >> dr. jackson, thank you very much. >> yes, i do know that you are dr. jackson. i am very sorry, but i did read out the rules at the beginning of the meeting and those are the rules. >> i am going to move on to our next item now. >> i am going to move on to the next item. >> okay. i am going to recess the meeting everybody. and when the public is calm again, we will resume.recess th regular board and convene as t
, powers and ellen wu. she is not here with us and she is a very shy woman. but we accept this recognition on her behalf and she has dedicated 20 years of service for our schools and is instrumental in taking care of the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day work related to the pieces that make our library function, smoothly. rochele and michelle have spearheaded the great work that we have been able to do with our school libraries they have provided meaningful professional development opportunities, and direct sight support to 70 teacher lie brae ans through 103 schools in our district. they have led them in the roles as teachers, library program managers, information specialists, site leaders and industrial partners. they are highly esteemed by the teacher librarians and also by the cross-departmental peers with whom they willingly share their expertise. they are very deserving of this recognition, for providing excellent leadership, guidance and support, to teacher librarians and creating collaboration as we advance the literacy efforts in our district. [ applause ] >> thank you, very much.
flinn is really shocking to us and that is why we are here. thank you very much. reskend her name and reelect her. good night. [ applause ] >> hi, there, my name is sandy coleman, i'm a parent of a child that graduated from flinn elementary school. my son michael was in mis coleman's class, so i am here to have her please reelected to be a teacher because she is a really excellent special education teacher. i think that a lot of things that people don't realize that when you have a child that has behavior issues it is hard to find a teacher that is a good fit and i moved my son in fourth grade to flinn elementary because his old school was not working out and he had a teacher that was abusive to the kids and i think that it is important that people realize that you have to find a teacher that is going to be nurturing, caring, pretty much like your child and keep your child in a safe space and we found that with miss coleman and i am just appalled as to why they would not want to have her come back to flinn because she was told that i did not make a connection with the students and
their bond and insuring that work is done on time. we monitor that what we get works for us, can be intaughted on the building the way it should be and force them to go to the architect and get it approved. we can get you that information but i personally don't have it at hand. >> thank you. >> roll call please. >> on 10, 11, 12. >> yes. >> yes. >> >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> aye. >> thank you and ms. norton. >> yes. >> seven aye's. >> thank you. okay. we will move on to item q, superintendent's proposals first reading. can i hear a motion and a second for guiding principles regarding practices for the san francisco unified school district. item listed here. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. this item will be referred to the rules committee for consideration, and i believe that is it for item q. item r board member proproposals and there are none tonight. next item i will read the stapding committee and read them into the record so for the year business service will be chaird by commissioner wynns and commissioner haney and mendoza will be members. buildings grounds an
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